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ControlTemp Thermostats make a complete line of tamper proof thermostats to help landlords, property managers and
small business owners regain piece of mind and control their utility bills.

Our tamper proof thermostats allow you, the owner, to
lock and limit how high or low your tenants or
employees can set the thermostat
.  By preventing your tenants and employees from setting the thermostat to
extremes you can save hundreds or thousands a year.  Industry studies have shown that you can:

 Reduce your heating cost by 3%-5% for every degree you lower your thermostat in the winter
 Reduce your cooling cost by 6%-8% for every degree you raise your thermostat in summer

However, setting a maximum and minimum temperature on your thermostat is only half the battle; EnergyStar says
programmable thermostat can save you 10% more than a non programmable thermostat.
ControlTemp  Thermostats, come with a 7 day programmable schedule capability allowing you to ensure that the
thermostat temperature is setback when the space is unoccupied.  They also qualify for many of the utility rebate
Stop Your Out of Control Utility Bills?
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We make two models of Tamper Proof Thermostats:

CT100 Standard Tamper Proof Thermostat
  • Limits heat temperature to maximum of 72 degrees
  • Limits air conditioning temperature to minimum of 75 degrees
  • Limits are hard coded and can not be changed.
  • Works with most HVAC systems including boilers, furnaces, heat pumps (Single and
    multi stage)
  • Simple to install and use – No programming required
  • 7 day Programmable schedule

CT1001 Deluxe Tamper Proof Thermostat
  • Limits maximum heat and minimum cool temperature setting.  Limits are customizable.
    For example, the maximum heat can be set from 68 to 74 degrees.
  • Full or Partial screen lock.  Completely lock the screen or allow only temperature
  • 7 Day programmable schedule that cannot be changed by the tenant.
  • Tamper Warning labels.
  • Free factory programming of your custom settings and schedule.
  • Works with most HVAC systems including boilers, furnaces, heat pumps (Single and
    multi stage)
ControlTemp is also the only tamper proof thermostat provider that provides all the following:

  • Tamper Proof Thermostats with 7 day programmable schedule capability
  • Free Energy Saving Consultation
  • Free Tamper Warning Labels
  • Free Factory Pre Programming
  • 1 Year Money Back Guarantee
Still not sure if you need a ControlTemp Thermostat, if one of the following scenarios describe you:

  • It is 20 degrees outside and your tenants still have the windows open.
  • You have tried to install a thermostat lock box and it continues to get broken.
  • Your employees leave the heat or AC on all night and on weekends.
  • You have a “Do not touch sign” over your thermostat.
  • Vacation renters turn the thermostat to 68 and leave the windows open to enjoy the ocean breezes.

You need a ControlTemp Thermostat today……
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